Vietnamese Oud VIP

Vietnamese Oud VIP

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Presenting Vietnamese oud sheets, crafted from the bark of Aquilaria crassna trees grown in Vietnam. These trees are naturally shaped and aged over 35 years. With a remarkably high resin content, these sheets emanate a one-of-a-kind, enduring fragrance characterized by sweet, honey-like, floral, and earthy notes. Ideal for festivals, daily indulgence, and as a perfect gift choice.

Dark brown flat thin oud sheets are natural shapes from the trees that are hand crafted.


Tips of Use:

  • Cut the large pieces before putting it on the charcoal, for special occasions you can burn the large piece as it is.
  • Suitable for use with electric incense burners or charcoal.
  • The slow-burning process of these aromatic incense generates sensational smoke to overcome any unwanted odors.

Tips for Storage:

  • Store the oud chips in a box at room temperature away from sunlight exposure.

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