Koh Kong Cambodi Super
Koh Kong Cambodi Super

Koh Kong Cambodi Super

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Koh Kong Cambodi Super is one of the best quality types of bukhoor from Cambodia. It is the most famous and loved oud from the family of Agarwood and the rarest to find. It is a precious aromatic natural source from the Agarwood plantation. Koh Kong oud has a sweet and fruity with a raspberry and blueberry note, tobacco, mixed spices and burnt toffee smell that is highly resinous. It creates a unique sense and long-lasting aroma that uplifts all your occasions and is particularly useful for everyday use.

Every single piece is examined and processed by skilled experts in oud. It is distinguished by its weight and its smell does not change from the beginning of its application on the charcoal until the end of it.

The shape of the oud chips varies, the size of the pieces are large and selectively picked and free from fillers and impurities.

Tips of Use:

  • Suitable for use with electric incense burners or charcoal.
  • The slow-burning process of these aromatic incense generates sensational smoke to overcome any unwanted odours.

Tips for Storage:

  • Store the oud chips in a box at room temperature away from sunlight exposure.

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